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Which string is right for me?


There are so many strings to choose from today that it can be a daunting task.

There really isn't just one right string for you because there are so many good strings available. By trying a few different ones after reading the info I'm going to go over you will naturally gravitate towards the one that feels and plays best for your style of game.


Let's talk gauges first. There's 15, 15L, 16, 16L, 17, 17L, 18.  15 is the thickest and will last the longest, that is it's main benefit. Of course there are your basic 15 gauges that will start at $23 installed and the upper end nicer playing better feeling ones that start at $30 installed. 18 gauge is the thinnest and will give great feel and spin but will also last the shortest amount of time. 16 is right in the middle and is probably the most used gauge. In my opinion if you use a 16g and play2 or 3 times a week and don't break your strings within 6 months or so you would probably like the added playability of a 17g, again it's worth trying at least once to see. Trying new strings is fun and you learn in the process!  Next week I'll add the next segment of this topic so be sure to come back and check us out!!



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